Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On With The Day

So, here I am, typing, again. Sigh. 13 days until Diablo 3 is released, and sadly I can't afford it. Life is teasing the SHIT out of me right now. Anyway, I'm still working on that fan fiction, slowly. I had writers block for the LONGEST time, and now FINALLY I've moved on and gotten to page 29. Getting feedback on it is the hardest part, because nobody likes reading, and on top of that, anyone who reads it just says, "it's good."
...not helpful, guys. Need detailed feedback. *Exasperated sigh*.

So, I'm sitting here, trolling x-box live chat and typing in my blog with lack of anything actually important to say, processing some recently eaten fish sticks and waiting for an e-mail of an awesome Sub-Zero costume a friend of mine purchased for a convention. Needless to say...I'm jealous. However, I just replaced my order for the costume after doing some research and finally found it in stock. So Portland Maine Convention, here I come. I still need to get a teddy bear in case I run into a Scorpion. XD

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