Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I've gotten to 21...wait, (double checks file...)...yup, that's right, 21 pages. I got to the first fight scene...and realized how much I *SUCK* at writing action scenes x_X Well...more like *remembered* how much I suck. ANYWAY...I've hit some writers block on some of the transitions between key parts of the story...which is my trademark of failure, unfortunately. I've always been terrible at scene transitions...ask my high school teachers that had to read my shit...

*Flashback* "GOD DAMNIT, JAMIE, I CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOUR TRANSITIONAL PARAGRAPHS!!! THAT DROPS YOUR GRADE FROM AN A+ TO A C-!!! GARARARARARRRR..." -_-; thanks, teach. Whoo. Slave away on a short story with complicated multi-layer story line and get burned on transitionals. How 'bout you TEACH ME HOW TO WRITE THEM BETTER?? Gawd.

ahem...anyway. Back to it >.>