Monday, March 26, 2012

Sigh. So, good news, bad news, and just plain unimportant news about me. How exciting. This is the first time I've been able to get on the internet from my laptop in over 3 months. What does this mean? Several things.
1.) One of my neighbors didn't put a password on his WIFI...and if I find out who it is, I will personally thank them.
2.) I can actually blog again, because blogging on a
3.) I had a few others, but I can't remember them because I have Lewis Black playing on YouTube on x-box Live, which I ALSO have been absent from.

Okay, down to business. I can't seem to log into my previous blog, Nightwoe's Notebook...SO I had to start...another one. *facepalm* I can't even find my webs website, but whatever, that was a piece of shit anyway. I used to look at it and feel proud that I made it...then I'd go to a successful website and said, "Wow. I made a piece of shit." So, anyway, I'm starting over. I feel much more focused now, helps since I only work weekends, so I can get more done and have more time to actually work on my projects without losing focus and being another loser that let's them fall into the dark oblivion...*coughcoughGWENNPCcoughcough* yeah. Let's talk about that next.

So Gwen NPC still...exists...but she's...well...the project is more frozen then Cyber-Sub's core. I still have everything...but I doubt I will ever progress past what I have already done. Still, she works in the game, her conversations work...but there's so much I wanted to do that I never figured out how to do it and so never finished it. And that's the end of poor Gwen. Moving on.

Uhm...what else...what else...Oh. My webs website. Yeah, so...just forget about that crap. It's gone. Forever. And Ever. And it doesn't even miss it's own existence. Okay, next.

You know what? Project announcements pending. This entry